Data made easy.

Bombe is a powerful cloud-based data characterization platform for scientists.

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End-to-end design: we convert raw experimental data to publication-quality figures in mere minutes.

Cloud-based: Bombe allows scientists to perform distributed numerical computations, anytime, anywhere.

Simple to use: our intuitive interface allows scientists to visually analyze, sort and search experimental data.

How do you use Bombe? It's simple.


Manage your data securely and seamlessly


Understand your data from a bird's eye view


Apply powerful numerical operations in a single click


Download and share your publication-quality figures

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Meet The Team

Jack Gao


Jack Gao is a 4th year computer science and business double degree undergraduate from the University of Waterloo. He founded Viper, a personal recommendation engine targeted for small eCommerce portals, and tl;dr, a service to make reading news easier by doing language processing on news articles. Jack has done internships at Google and Microsoft, as well as The Next 36's very own Glimpse. In addition to his entrepreneurial experiences, Jack is a licensed pilot, flying the sleek Diamond DA-20 Katana aircrafts during his free time. Armed with determination, creativity and knowledge, Jack seeks to make a positive impact in the world through his ventures.

Edward Kim


Edward has long been passionate about science, attending the Canada- Wide Science Fair three times and winning a gold medal in 2009. In the past several years, he has worked extensively with the Canadian Light Source synchrotron facility where he has conducted experiments, written software, and designed mission-critical hardware. Edward has also conducted research in nanotoxicology, electrochemistry, and computational solid-state physics. His research has resulted in several academic publications. Previously, Edward co-founded a freelance web design firm and a non-profit science outreach organization. Edward is a UoGuelph alum and a soon-to-be MIT PhD student.

Susie Pan


Susie Pan is a student that doesn’t settle. In the past 16 months, Susie has been to over 20 countries on 4 continents while living in Europe and Asia. Last September, as a third year Queen’s Commerce student, Susie went on exchange to Paris for 8 months where she actively engaged with MakeSense, a European social entrepreneurship movement. Next, she took a leap of faith and landed in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where she worked as Entrepreneur in Residence at Nova Founders, the leading incubator in South East Asia. Specifically, she set up and managed the global sourcing strategy and marketing campaigns of the largest eyewear e-retailer in South East Asia. Following the summer, Susie decided to take a semester online, and went back to her roots to understand the rapidly growing economy of China. In Beijing, she worked on brand management for Red Bull after a short time at Accenture. All the while, Susie continues to oversee the STEM education related NPO she founded in high school, Science Expo, as Chair of the Board. After traveling for over a year, Susie has a deeper commitment to becoming a social entrepreneur so she can magnify her impact in the most effective way. Susie’s interests outside of traveling include playing the piano, blogging, photography, cafe hopping, language and culture, wandering and getting lost.

Our Mentors & Advisors

Dr. Foteini Agrafioti

Advisor, Co-Founder Bionym

Jonathan Graff

Mentor, CEO Enthrive

Jason Martin

Mentor, CEO Iotum

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